HORIZON EDUCATIONAL TRUST in collaboration with TURQUOISE HARMONY INSTITUTE encourages all high school learners to take part in this competition to showcase the spirit of UBUNTU for SOLIDARITY.

USMAC 2018 is dedicated to 100 years of Nelson Mandela. 

Awards ceremony will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Proposed date is 01.12 2018 or alternatively 08.12.2018 (subject to change)

Short Movie/Film category winners:

1st place: R5000 ($350) and  GOLD MEDAL

2nd place: R3000 ($250) and SILVER MEDAL

3rd place: R2000 ($150) and SILVER MEDAL

4th place: R1000 ($75) and BRONZE MEDAL

5th place: R 750($50) and BRONZE MEDAL


Art/Poster category winners:

1st place: R3000 ($250) and GOLD MEDAL

2nd place: R2000 ($150) and SILVER MEDAL

3rd place: R1000 ($75) and SILVER MEDAL

4th place: R750 ($75) and BRONZE MEDAL

5th place: R 500 ($35) and BRONZE MEDAL